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Part-time programme
MBA Logistics & Trade

MBA International Logistik & Trade | WINGS-Fernstudium

Part-time programme
MBA Logistics & Trade

MBA Logistik | WINGS-Fernstudium
Robert Friedrich

Robert Friedrich

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International Supply Chain Management

Today’s globalization is a result of the divergence first of production and consumption on local and regional level, and second of the subsequent divergence of production itself into global supply chain networks.

Reductions in costs for transport and information exchange lead to fragmented global value-chains. Global value chains contributed towards economic prosperity in developed and in developing countries

  • Understand components and mechanics of international supply chains
  • Develop an understanding about different supply chain-needs for different products
  • Understand a supply chain as a management tool to manage global value chains
  • Apply concept of SCM to simple collaboration challenges along supply chains of own organisation