Master Green Architecture

Energy-efficient Architecture


  • Building Climatics
  • RegenerativeEnergy Systems
  • Energy andBuilding Technology

Increasing energy efficiency is an important cornerstone of the Energiewende (energy revolution). It sinks energy costs, improves the security of supply and creates significant investments for the domestic economy. In addition, it contributes significantly to climate protection. Thus, a more efficient handling of energy makes an important contribution to all the objectives of the Energy Policy Triangle. There is substantial potential for the conservation of energy in all of the consumption sectors throughout Europe.

Students will possess the following competences upon successful completion of this module:

  • The ability to demonstrate technical principles of energy efficient construction, taking into account aspects of environment compatibility, and to apply these in the planning process
  • The ability to use building technology with innovative, technical competence, and with an understanding of its development
  • An understanding of the processes of technical design and the integration of structure,construction technologies and service systemsas an effective, functioning entity
  • An understanding for the role of techical documentation and specifications in design implementation and the construction, cost, planning and control processes.

Responsible expert

Martin Wollensak