Master Green Architecture

Planning and design: new buildings, Design Project I


  • Planning and Design of New Buildings
  • IntegratedDesign

Building upon an understanding of the subject content gained during undergraduate studies, existing design knowledge will be further developed through specialist knowledge in the areas of environment and technical sciences, construction economics and construction management, and planning methodology.

Focus of the design work is the integration of technical, ecological and economical constraints in architectural and design concepts, which will be comprehensively developed and appropriately portrayed and presented within the framework of a design project.

Knowledge of professional, commercial, financial, and legal standards and requirements will also be applied.

  • ¬†Design and construction of sustainable buildings:
    Design principles/framework conditions for integrated building design
  • Analysis of examples(model projects)
  • Methods,instruments and processes of integrated building design:
    goal definition/project development/programme
  • Development of reconstruction and expansion plans which adhere to aspects of environment sustainability
  • Development of integrated building concepts, taking into consideration:
    • Function and use(operation/utilisation)
    • Useand development (flexibility/variability)
    • Developmentand orientation(climate/position)
    • Construction and technology (building climate)
    • Materialand construction (weight, mass)
    • Construction and form finding(additive/integrated systems)
  • Features of redevelopmentwhich take into account aspects of environment compatibility
  • Integrated design

Upon successful completion of this module students will be able to analyse and develop concepts for complex building structureswhich adhere to aspects of sustainability for new buildings andbuilding redevelopment.

Responsible expert

Wolfgang Linden