Master Green Architecture

General Sciences


  • Architecture Ecology
  • Recycling Economy
  • Urban Ecology
  • History and Theory of Architecture

Topics taken from culture, politics/society, economy and the sciences. Issues concerning sustainability and resource efficiency will be part of the academic discourse. Society, social responsibility and architecture, as well as culture, communication and the media are topics of significant relevance for prospective architects. Academic views on economic and regional development cycles constitute relevant topics for individual positioning.

  • History of architecture, cultural-scientific theory formation, historical contexts – renovation, modernisation, conservation and restoration
  • Ecosystems – the basic elements and influence on bioactivity
  • Material flow and production – problems and approaches to  recycling
  • Development of materials and products within technical and natural  cycles
  • Biosphere and urban space – from opposition to joined forces: Analysing and planning the elements and cohabitation

The objective is to recognise the complexity of architecture in its environment and to develop the problem-solving competences necessary for the planning of structures and their integration into an urban setting.

Responsible expert

Martin Wollensak